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Promote your business or event with our banner advertisement. 

Banner advertisements totnmallorca

Why Advertise with Us?

Promote your business or event on TOTN with our banner advertisement service. Our website attracts a wide range of visitors, making it an ideal platform for your advertising needs. All adverts are strategically placed in high traffic areas of the website to ensure your ad gets viewed!

In addition, receive a monthly analytics report outlining your adverts perfomance.

Ad Placement and Format

  • Ad Placement: All adverts are strategically placed in high traffic areas of the website ensuring max visibility for your advert. Key pages include: Category Pages, Blog Pages, Event Pages, Home Page.
  • Ad Size: All adverts have to be 740 x 150 px.
  • Ad Format: Static adverts only, JPEG/PNG/WEBP Accepted. Max 1MB.

Get Started:

Ready to boost your business with TOTNMallorca? Follow these simple steps in the form below:

1. Create an account on
2. Provide your name and business email address to receive monthly performance analytics.
3. Select “All ad size (740×150)”. We will not accept adverts in a different format and your advert will be removed.
4. Add your business’ name under the “Business Name” section.
5. Provide the URL you wish to associate with the advert to enable customers to access your site quickly. (Must include the url prefix, e.g.
6. Upload your Banner Advert to the “Advert” Section
7. Select a start date for your advert
8. Select a package and payment method
9. Hit send and wait for a response from us! Please allow us up to 48 hours to review your request.

Thank you for choosing TOTNMallorca for your advertising needs. We look forward to helping your business grow!

If you have any queries contact us here.