Son Brull Spa Day

Treat Yourself! Spa Day at Son Brull

wellness sanctuary at the Son Brull

Life in Mallorca is pretty sweet, we have the playa, pretty pueblos, enchanting boutiques and lots of gorgeous blue skies and sunshine. But if all that isn’t cutting the mustard for you, then you clearly need to pull out the big guns. Hop along, tout de suite, to the other side of the Puig de Maria and land yourself into the Son Brull spa.

Treatment Room at Son Brull

With a sensation pool, steam bath, sauna, cold water pool and outdoor and indoor relaxation area, there’s plenty to help you unwind. A truly Mallorcan spa, treatments are administered using genuinely natural ingredients, prickly pear and the active ingredients it contains are at the heart of all the treatments. Rituals are central to the spa treatment menu and the good folks at Son Brull ensure there is something to suit every season. Think an intense stretching massage to awake you in spring, a revitalising massage to wake you up from hot summer lethargy, and hot stones to warm and soothe in autumn. Sounds great.

Also on the spa menu is the “Moment Matí a Son Brull”. It means that non-staying guests can enjoy a morning at the spa. In fact you will have access to all the Hotel and Spa facilities including a group yoga session at 9am, a Son Brull buffet breakfast and a 60-minute treatment. So, why not treat yourself? You’re worth it ladies (and you too, men). • Tel: 971 53 53 53

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