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Vox will spend almost 100,000 euros on weapons for the Alcúdia Local Police

The Vox Party in Alcudia has proposed an expenditure of almost €100,000 in weapons for the Local Police, an area they are in control of.  Vox governs the Council with a pact between PP and Unió per Alcúdia. Specifically, they intend to acquire 60 weapons and four ‘Taser’ electric shock devices. Unides Podem denounces that they intend to Tasers as they have not yet been authorized in the Balearic Islands.

The far-right party has proposed to the government team the creation of an item in the Investment section to cover this purchase, which includes the expenditure of 67,873 euros on the acquisition of new weapons and their accessories and another 30,183 euros for the purchase of the four Tasers. The councillor for Unides Podem, Maria Ramos, denounced this investment stating that, according to the latest report from the Government Delegation, “The Balearic Islands have a crime rate of 65.5 crimes per thousand inhabitants, a figure below the average ​​recorded before the pandemic,” she continued asking if “Alcúdia will become a ‘police state'” and “to what extent the PP will accompany Vox in its far-right requests.”

For his part, the Councillor for Police, Citizen Security and Civil Protection, Juan Sendín (Vox) justified the investment claiming that the current weapons “are obsolete”. Sendín added that Tasers will be legalized by the Government “in 15 days or a month”, so “they can now be used in the Balearic Islands.”

The full credit modification has been approved with the favorable vote of all parties except for Unides Podem, which voted against.

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