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New “Agro-food” cooperative brand

The local group Cooperatives Agro-alimentàries Illes Balears has presented a new collective brand ‘Producto Cooperativo’ with the objective to make it easier for consumers to identify local produce and differentiate them from those of mass produced or foreign producers.

This national collective brand, promoted by Cooperativa Agro-alimentarias de España, aims highlight cooperative products in an increasingly globalized market. Showcasing the work and principles of the local producer will in turn highlight the quality of its products as well as the economic, social and environmental contribution.

The Conference took place last week at the Rotger Villalonga Foundation in Pollensa. In her speech the president of the organization, Jerònima Bonafé, highlighted the “commitment to publicize a different way of doing economics” that the member entities “have in our DNA” such as the values ​​of corporate social responsibility and compliance with the Goals of Sustainable Development (SDG).

“Cooperativism is currently playing a crucial role in the agrarian economy and the maintenance of economic activity in the Balearic Islands,” she stressed. The president has also taken the opportunity to request the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Natural Medicine, Joan Simonet, for “more participation from the agricultural sector in the Sustainable Tourism Tax Table and in the distribution of funds destined for our sector. We need to have more representation in all the debate tables of the Government.”

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