Sant Joan Safety

Sant Joan Safety

Appearing on Alcúdia Radio this week was a group of Police Tutors who were there to talk about safety during the the Sant Joan de Ciutadella fiesta in Menorca. Many young adults from Mallorca travel to the neighbouring island to celebrate the party.

During the gathering, the police tutors (including representatives from Ciutadella, Alcudia and Balearic authorities) provided preventive messages aimed at young people who will travel to Menorca, with the aim of preventing accidents and guaranteeing a safe celebration. Safety begins with oneself, and for the party to work, it is essential to respect the protocols and, above all, the horses and knights, who are the main players in the fiesta.

It was stressed that the party should not be based on the consumption of alcohol. There was also talk of respect for traditions such as the “hazelnut throw”, which is an act of love and friendship towards the festival, and not a battle as it has become in recent years.

In addition, it was highlighted that the Sant Joan festival continually evolves in prevention issues and adapts to guarantee the safety of everyone. The police stressed that the Menorcans want to invite the Mallorcans to participate, but they ask that they know the festival well to respect it as they do.

To guarantee the safety of the festivities, almost 500 troops will be part of the emergency plan, working to ensure that the celebrations are safe and fun for everyone.

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